WDAO is the Dayton station targeted to the metro community with music, news, information and special features specifically geared to their lifestyles.

WDAO is known for its outstanding service to the community and is involved in every major function throughout.

WDAO's programming emphasis is on news, weather, traffic reports and sports. The music mixture includes popular hits, familiar oldies, contemporary blues, jazz and gospel plus "Expressions" and "Public Service."

WDAO is a vital part of the Dayton community and has been serving the Dayton and Miami Valley area since 1964.


Radio is a business, and like all other forms of business, it has its buzz words: spots. . . formats. . . frequency. . . cume . .. creativity. . . research. . . and the list goes on and on. All to often these buzz words command too much respect. Ratings, for example, are considered to be exclusive testimonies of a station's ability to work for an advertiser.

Successful marketing through radio is not about ratings-- it's about ideas. At WDAO our approach to an advertiser is not a radio approach, but a marketing approach.

Our marketing-minded Account Executives don't rush to an advertiser with numbers, packages, and avails. Instead, we take the time to learn a little bit about the advertiser's business. Having done this, we can develop an intelligent proposal based on the marketing needs of that business. Why? Because not everyone needs a sports sponsorship, a ROS Schedule or a TAP Plan. Different problems require different solutions and behind every solution is a creative idea.

At WDAO we generate ideas. Ideas generate traffic and traffic generates business. That's marketing -- that's WDAO Radio.